La Despida-Goodbye to 2011 and Anticipation of 2012

This past year I welcomed twin girls, Elise and Nora, joining their 3 year older sister Brinley. Becoming a father of three girls is defining me more than anything else these days. Like every year, the week between Christmas and New Years, I find myself thinking about the year past. There were ups and downs at work, bills, etc.  but what stands out above all was the loss of my oldest friend and my twins coming into this world. Bittersweet is the word/s that I use to describe how I feel. The loss of my friend, Todd stings and will always. But his loss reminds me of where we are in life now, mature  adults (seemingly) with mortgages and other responsibilities. I take these reflections as a way of anticipating what will come in the New Year. My Puerto Rican family calls it a “despida”, the goodbye to the past in anticipation of the new. I find myself not letting go of the past but holding on to it, as a way of prepping me for the New Year. I’ll certainly need it as my baby girls will turn one and my oldest will turn four. Just the thought of this makes me a little anxious but more than anything else, eager to see what the future will bring. Thank you 2011, I’m ready for 2012.

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One Response to La Despida-Goodbye to 2011 and Anticipation of 2012

  1. Jen says:

    Well said Ben! You are a wonderful Father to those three little ladies! :o)
    2012 here we come, bring it!! Team Rodriguez may need our moments of
    respite but we’ll always manage to get back in the game. What’s gonna work?
    Parents/caretakers of littles who like Wonder Pets know the answer!!!

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