Religion in Sports

This weekend my New England Patriots will be playing the Denver Broncos in the second round of playoffs in the NFL. The talk of the NFL is about Tim Tebow and his devotion to God. As a religious man and sports fan I have to give my two cents.

It’s a breath of fresh air to see a sports star touting morality and thanking God. There’s worse ways to make headlines like players that shoot themselves in the leg, being in a fight at the club or owing child support to 5 women. So kudos to Tim for being a good kid and yes, a good football player. That said, I was raised to think that you pray to God for keeping players in one piece and safe, not to throw a spiral or kick a field goal. And yes, it’s possible to over do it, which is why people seem so annoyed.

Admittedly I’m a biased Patriots fan and I hope they win this weekend (for many reasons) but I hope the “Tebowing” or thanking God gestures are done in the locker room or regardless of the outcome of the game and not just when he runs for a touchdown.

That’s my take.

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