Father’s Priceless Moment

This blog is what I hope is one of many that I post about the priceless moments I encounter as a father. This past week my wife and I have experienced two moments that literally “wowed” us.

First, one of our twin baby girls has begun to mimic our speaking and her first word was “wow”. It will be the first of many words to come from her. I’m sure there will be a day that I roll my eyes at the things she’ll say. But not now. Now, we’re elated at this little stage in development that’s such a big milestone.

The second was from my other twin girl. This very morning she began mimicking our waving goodbye. So as I left for work this morning she began to wave back to me for the first time. It was truly a priceless moment as a father and made it hard to leave my own home!

Both of these moments remind me of the importance of being present and that children mirror their parents in many ways.  Sure, having kids is hard  but merely showing that you care and that you’re there for them can pay off in so many ways. We’re beginning to see that in how they mirror how we interact with them. Given the daily surprises that our three-year old presents us with, I can only assume these moments will be coming in great abundance.

That’s my take.

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