Partisan Government-We bare some blame too

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On the tails of the State of the Union address from the President and numerous articles describing the level of partisanship in this country, I figured to weigh in. Admittedly I’m Democrat, but the President, some Republicans such as Senator John McCain and the general public has been stating this message.  This Congress seems more partisan than ever and it’s severely hurting this country.

Politics has always been a tough business, since even before the founding of the country. But the founders knew this all to well, so much so that they built this issue into the fabric of our government. The concept of checks and balances permeates the Constitution: the three branches of government, rules of appointments, etc. The US government forces everyone in power to work together, plain and simple. This message seems lost in this Congress. The general public and it’s penchant for ridiculous vitriol bares the blame as well. Recent examples include U.S. citizens calling Pres. Obama Muslim, as if it’s a crime or even true. As well as saying he’s not from this country and ineligible to be President. And the insulting of Mexican Americans during the recent debates in South Carolina. On Congress’ end, the near failure on agreement of the Payroll Tax Extension and the real failure of the “Super Committee” to agree upon 1.2 Trillion in savings over a decade is a real problem. Now they’re trying to wiggle out of the responsibility, essentially punting like they love to do on hard issues. I’ve seen children act more responsibly.

This is a real failure that shows a divide that didn’t occur previously. After WWII, the US had a massive amount of debt, like today. But the Congress knew this was a danger to the future and put aside their differences to address the issue. Everybody gave a little and wasn’t happy with all of it.  Conservative and liberal economists agree on this point. This has to happen again. Politics involves partisanship but in the end it’s got to be about doing right for the country, above mud-slinging. How can this happen? I’m convinced it has to occur by prodding from the people. The general public has to do more than read a headline, listen to a 30 second news update or rely on watching The View to know what’s going on. They should also prod their legislators to work in a bi-partisan way, for the good of the country. Lest we really want oil company lobbyists to have complete control of our country (they have plenty of influence now). So call your state rep., congressional rep., senator and tell them what you’re highest vs lowest priorities are. Just doing that would probably do wonders.

That’s my take.

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