Another Father’s Priceless Moment

“Princess Brinley and her Family

That is the title of the first book my oldest daughter “wrote” with the help of her mommy. She’s three years and nine months old. While she can’t write whole sentences on her own, she’s able to write brief words and can certainly dictate, which she did last night.

Of course in her book she describes her twin baby sisters and her mommy and Papi. But the real joy is how she shows all of her family in a happy light.  Testament that she hasn’t experienced too much trauma from her parents is validating. And it’s such a joy to see how much she loves her little baby sisters, rather than feeling jealous of their attention, which can happen with siblings of twins.

Of course her mommy bound the book with special string and it looks better than a published book from Barnes and Noble.

Children have a great way of validating things when we least expect it.

That’s my take.

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