Presidents’ Day and Voter Apathy

I‘ve been watching quite a bit of history leading up to this Presidents’ Day. I find it awkward that on this day there’s so little regard for government. This holiday, originally enacted to celebrate Pres. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, celebrates them and many others that have taken on this sacred stewardship. I thought to myself, “isn’t it awkward that public opinion holds government in such low regard as we celebrate this day?” Seeing how divided this Congress is, it’s actually quite easy to understand this. I get it. But then another question arose, “how can there be so much anger at Congress when voter apathy is so rampant?” I hear the usual arguments, “I don’t like either choice of President” “why bother voting…”.

Ive never bought into those reasons, though voting day issues come up admittedly. For me, Presidents’ Day reinforces how crucial it is to vote. I’ve read that %60 voter turnout for presidential elections is actually high, indicating that %40 of registered voters NOT voting is good. Here’s where I have to get on my soap box. I was taught that decisions are made by those who show up. The only conclusion I come to is that a lot of people in our country just don’t care. In my opinion those same folks don’t have a right to complain much. Not everyone can run for office but everyone can be aware of the issues and certainly cast a vote. Rich lobbyists have a lot of sway but people’s vote ultimately dictate the Electoral College and therefore the President. So to those that don’t hold our government in high regard and rarely vote, my message is to read up, get involved and come November 6, go vote. It’s a right that many citizens of other countries around the world don’t get and can’t take for granted. This is a great way to honor ourselves and the Office of the President, no matter who holds the office.

That’s my take.


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