Another Proud Papi Moment

My wife and I have three children, an almost four-year old and twin 11 month old babies. Lately I’ve been noticing the personalities of the twin baby girls. Our first-born, who is growing by leaps and bounds, already has shown us her personality; stubborn, smart, girly and cuddly. But lately we’ve seen a glimpse into what the babies will be like. I know much will change but it’s exciting to see the early signs. Our Elise is becoming more and more like the one who will let you know what she wants or doesn’t want. She cries and shakes her head when we’re trying to giver her something that she doesn’t want and then nods her head incessantly when she sees the correct thing. She’s also beginning to teeth a bit right now so it’ll be tough to see what is due to discomfort vs just being vocal. Nora, on the other hand is a bit more tranquil. Her voice is louder than Elise’ and she knows how to indicate her displeasure or what she wants. However, Nora tends to be more easy-going in her demeanor overall. It’s exciting to see how their mind is working and how they value  communicating in their own way. We are in for lots of fun in the future.

That’s my take.


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2 Responses to Another Proud Papi Moment

  1. samonnier says:

    Wow! Our nine month old twin girls seem to have the same kind of personalities! Shula always makes it quite clear what she does and does not want. She’s also a bit of a drama queen. And Maretta is very laid-back, an “observer” for the most part. But her voice is much louder and more shrill! You must be excited for the big “One” coming up soon!

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