Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day parade in Boston

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The annual celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day has come. It’s a fun day for sure and one I celebrate. Every year I wonder how much people really care about the actual day or the  saint. Having lived in Boston for several years I can truly say that it’s a day of pride for the area, in particular recent Irish immigrants or their Irish descendants. Yes, there is a lot of drinking involved and those that partake for only that reason are missing something. But celebrating a day of heritage and or religion can’t be a bad thing in my book. For example, being Puerto Rican and Catholic, I’m familiar with el Dia de San Sebastian (Saint Sebastian‘s Day), commonly celebrated on January 20th or El Dia de San Juan (St. John’s Day) celebrated on June 24th (also my cousin’s birthday). Both days entail revelry and are a celebration of culture and of course the saints themselves. Growing up in my hometown I had friends with Irish roots and recall hearing Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers being played.  In the end it’s a good thing to celebrate heritage so long as it’s not just about finding an excuse to party. You can do that any day.  So here’s to Saint Patrick,  my friends the O’Brien’s, O’Connor’s, Cavanaugh’s and O’Tools (my wife’s Irish ancestry, hailing from County Cork) that are all celebrating today. Slainte.

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