A New Appreciation for Easter

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: StSaling)

My twins were born on Easter of last year and since that time I’ve grown a much deeper appreciation for the holiday. I grew up and am a practicing Catholic so the celebration of the resurrection isn’t lost on me. It’s just that the day means even more now.

Previously, Easter was a time of religious celebration, focusing on the importance of Christ, and his resurrection and painting eggs and choking down the yellow sugar marshmallow rabbits, etc. However, as the holiday comes and I prepare for the first birthday of my twins (my oldest child is also turning 4 this month!) I can’t help but to see it as their day as much as anything else. I know it’s not blasphemous because Easter falls on different days depending on the year, while their birthday is a set day.  I also mark Easter as both the day that my family grew from 3 to 5 and I became the father of three daughters. It was the day I became a “rich man” to quote a friend of mine. After joking about the dust in my wallet, I came to agree with him that it was a new beginning for me too and that I’m blessed with the richness of three great children and an awesome wife (not to mention great sister, parents, extended family and friends). They are surely a winning lottery ticket in life (four picks on one ticket, that is). I have to thank God and Jesus for that blessing.

So upon about a year of reflection I can say that I’m cashing that lottery ticket in and savoring the blessing Easter has brought, both the earthly and spiritual. May others enjoy Easter that much. That’s my take.

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