The Parents Ride to the Emergency Room

This afternoon I took the drive many parents hate. While playing together on the swings her elbow became hyper-extended. It was painful for her but certainly not a life threatening injury. For any young parents out there, it’s good to realize that this is a ride that inevitably will happen. It wasn’t our first but it was scary nonetheless. When Brinley (our oldest, we also have twin babies) was one she had a major asthma attack on Thanksgiving evening and we spent the night in the emergency room helping her use the nebulizer. After a mach 9 trip down I-91 and entering Hartford, I was able to distract Brinley from the pain in her arm by pointing out the sights from the Puerto Rican Day parade. Though the detours and closedstreetsdidn’t bring out the best in her papi. Being Puerto Rican she of course figured they were celebrating her, which took some explaining.

When we arrived at the hospital, the staff was great and treated my child with care and kindness. Eventually, the doctor came and reset her elbow and she was playing in minutes. It was sobering seeing the young children with more serious illnesses waiting for care. I have friends that are in the hospital all the time with broken bones, cuts requiring stitches, etc. so I am happy this was a relatively minor issue. Though I have to say I was quite proud of how she dealt with the pain during this experience. So as parents, we know these events will come and we’ll never get used the feeling but at least we’re in good company. That’s my take.

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