Father’s Day

So Father’s day is upon us and never before have I been so mindful of what it takes to be a Papi and the great example set for me. I also think about the differences in fathering (is this a word?) from his generation to mine.

Over the past 4 years I’ve developed my own parenting style, when it comes to playing, communicating, or disciplining my girls. I have more to learn but I’ve got a lot down so far. However, I realize that much of what I learned I got from my father, even though our childhoods are different. He grew up in a poverty-stricken area of  Puerto Rico. One of twelve children with barely two cents to rub together and hands with thicker skin than I have on my feet and a strong focus on family and faith. While I grew up in a great middle class community with lots of resources at my disposal. Regardless of the differences of how we grew up I’m proud to say I carry a strong commitment to family and doing all I can to be a good provider, teacher and protector to my girls (my wife too of course). This didn’t come from a book or magazine (which I’ve read many of in preparation for fatherhood) but from a lifetime of observing and learning from Papi. I recently read an article about how the “modern father” theory is mostly debunked (research shows that fathers have been involved in child rearing for years now, except for changing diapers).  I agree with most of these findings, after all I’m a third degree black belt in diaper changing. But I have to add that there are lots of great fathers that never changed a diaper or folded laundry, but they took care of their business.

The love and caring from a good father is what very child needs and deserves. If they got it this world would be a much better place.  That’s my take.

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