At A Loss

Like most of the country I’m shocked and saddened by the events in Aurora, Colorado. In case you’ve been in a media blackout, a 24 year-old former medical school student opened fire in a crowded movie theater, killing twelve and wounding 59 others, then left a “booby-trap” in his apartment.

My kids are too young to see Batman but I can only imagine if one of my little girls and wife were in that theater. I’m at a loss for what someone is thinking to methodically purchase rifles and handguns, wedge the back door open and then start killing people watching a movie. Images of the Columbine massacre (recall the so-called “trench coat mafia” punks) sink in and the same questions that arose back then come up:

  • How did these kids get their hands on so many weapons? Legally? And without anyone knowing?
  • Why didn’t someone report them before it was too late?
  • Is life that bad that you’re killing innocent people?
  • Was there anyone that noticed this kid needed some help?

The sad thing is that in Columbine, or in Aurora, people were going about their regular activities and were attacked. These were neighborhoods where violence was not an issue before.  Do we frisk people going to a midnight screening of movies now? Do we post armed guards in theaters? I’m at a loss to these questions and that angers me more than anything.

My cousin, a DC officer, stated on Facebook that he wishes he was there because he is armed when off duty and could have made a difference. My take is that I agree. Only if someone was there to protect those innocent people just looking to take in a movie. The debate over the right to own firearms will be in full force in the weeks to come, which it should. But there’s no easy answer. Would an armed person, not mentally compromised as this person was, have saved a few lives? Probably. Either way I’m at a loss of this senseless act (act of terrorism some would say) and am really appreciating tucking my daughters in tonight, knowing they are safe.

Man calling himself Joker kills 12, injures 59 at Batman screening in Aurora, Colorado, authorities say.

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