First Garden

It’s late July and my oldest daughter has discovered the joys of gardening. Earlier this year we made a small garden area for her (with some help from her grandpa). The first of her plants to grow were snap-peas. They grew tall and full of peas and they were good eating for Brinley, her twin sisters, Jen and myself. Now that she is done with the peas she’s turning attention to some of the carrots (as you see in the picture). Growing up we had a garden of tomatoes, squash and other vegetables so it’s great to see Brin developing her green thumb at a young age! During the Spring and Summer months there are few activities better than getting your child’s hands dirty in the soil. It is cheap, fun and develops a life-long skill. That’s my take.

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4 Responses to First Garden

  1. bellesogni says:

    What a little cutie!
    I totally agree about gardening. Nothing beats growing your own food.

  2. So true… :o) What a day!!!

  3. Great picture of a confident, happy girl and her carrots! Good job!

    Mark L.

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