Gotta Love Projects


Jen and the kids were doing projects the other day and I had to snap a picture. Don’t worry the ink was non-toxic! I’m discovering that little projects like this get them to concentrate and build their coordination. Not to mention its pretty cute as all get out. When you have multiple kids around, having some pens or markers and paper around can make life a lot easier. That’s my take.



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2 Responses to Gotta Love Projects

  1. Ben, I love that you have this blog ! It’s the first time I have seen it .. What a wonderful way to share and pay tribute to your family with the rest of us 🙂 I must really be behind the times b/c this looks like its been going for a long time on all kinds of suject’s ! Ha .. glad I saw it today

  2. Thanks Kristen. Feel free to sign up for updates, on Twitter or enter your email and press enter on the top right of the page.

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