Get er done!

Parenting is the greatest labor, without a doubt. Simply because it’s an investment in your kids. But something I’ve learned is that it’s not always pretty. Baby pictures and cute portraits are nice but real parenting is more about dirty diapers and spit up (our kids are past spitting up but you know). Some nights my wife works late so I have all three to feed, bathe and get to sleep. Like when I took this picture. When watching all three I have to keep them either secure or in sight, so I know they’re safe. Most bathing happens in the tub upstairs of course, but these nights it’s time to fill up the sink and plop them in. It’s not pretty, but it’s just one of the things busy parents do without a blink of an eye that we wouldn’t think of before having kids. Though I think our parents did what they had to do back in the day as well. Sometimes you just have to get it done, that’s my take.


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2 Responses to Get er done!

  1. all so true honey, you’re the best stay at home Dad around!!! ;o)

  2. Cute picture. I did one kitchen sink-bath for my son, he was small enough then. It was just easier at the moment!

    Mark L.

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