“Legitimate Rape”…really?

This topic came up during a campaign in Missouri, while discussing rights of women to terminate a pregnancy. During an interview he spoke about “legitimate rape” and later trying to say he misspoke, in efforts to focus on his stance on the topic. In doing so he has placed focus, not on abortion, but on the topic of rape in the US and the number of pregnancies that are estimated to occur from them. As a father of daughters I feel compelled to chime in and say “are you kidding me?”. Let’s get real, the statement wasn’t a misquote, but rather a freudian slip divulging a scary mentality. People like this want to run our country? Pass laws for my daughters? It’s scary. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of the anti-male garbage rhetoric out there by a bunch of angry at men …OK let me stop here (another topic for another day). But we as a society have to get real with legislators trying to minimize rape and pass laws that treat victimized women as, well, people to be victimized again. Forget about the pregnancies that occur through rape (that he’s pretending don’t happen) for just a minute and realize that deep down he’s trying to separate “legitimate rape” from rape. How about PREVENTING rape in the first place? Yes, every year there are cases of women falsely claiming rape or cases of he-said she-said stemming from mixed signals. But too many cases go unreported and much of it stems from people like this that want to get into Congress to make laws that govern my littler girls. A scary situation in my book. Perhaps if he was put into tight shorts with a pack of Marlboros around his neck and dropped in a maximum security prison for a while he’d have a more accurate understanding of the issue. Until then it’s scary to think he and people like him can be in power. That’s my take.

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2 Responses to “Legitimate Rape”…really?

  1. briantrudeau says:

    This guy is clearly a wing nut and Missourians across the state should be ashamed of themselves for not paying close enough attention to who they elect into office. Supposedly he’s like a 4-term incumbent? Good Lord no wonder our country is in such the mess that it is. He gives Republicans a bad name, that’s for sure.

    The whole topic of abortion is a no-win argument no matter which side you’re on, there are plenty of heartbreaking stories on both ends of the spectrum. I was relatively pro-choice (or more accurately, indifferent) until Krissy had the miscarriage before Tommy and we learned just how fragile and how much of a miracle life is at its early stages. With Tommy, how could I as a father not see that little beating heart on the ultrasound and not be in awe but more importantly how can others see the same, and not be?

    There are so many people out there who would give all their worldly possessions for that which others place so little value, it’s just a sad thing to think about. It’s just too bad there’s d’bags out there like this guy who make the whole thing worse.

    • Great comment Brian! So true. Abortion is a tough issue and hopefully something that would rarely if ever happen. I’m more on the whole legitimate rape mentality thing. Even this guy’s apology today he said he was referring to “forcible rape”. He should have quit while behind. Scares me he is a public servant.

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