We’re Getting Older, Thanks Beloit College

A TV Remote Control

A TV Remote Control (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every year Beloit College puts out a list of items that distinguishes the entering college freshman from folks that came before them. It’s a yearly reminder of all of us getting older. Every year there’s a few that make me cringe and say “that can’t be possible” and others that remind me of my youth. Such as not having a remote control with my first television, boy, that was a pain in the ass. And there are others that make you say “WTF?”, like dumping a boy/girlfriend via text or email (actually that happened to me a long time ago, when email was relatively new, chicken shit move then and now). Aside from the sentimentality, the list is a good reminder that technology keeps innovating our lives, for better or for worse. I like some of the old ways that taught us character and hard work. But looking back, I’d have given up my Big Wheels and GI Joe Kung fu grip doll for a TV remote control.  That’s my take.

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