Six Short Years of Marriage

Six years ago today I married my wife, Jennifer Valentino. Six years isn’t too long but we’ve put on some solid mileage, in a good way. In this short time, it’s been one heck of a ride and I’ve also noticed some interesting changes.

When we got married we had fun, went out once in a while and just focused on ourselves. Well, that has changed completely. We are now blessed with three daughters, with another baby on the way (Before anyone asks, yes we do own TV’s). Our nights out are  rare and depends on the ability to find a couple of babysitters, usually family members. Nick Jr. is on quite a bit now (we have picture-in-picture so NESN is still there). Our dinner time now is pretty noisy and requires much cleaning up afterwards.  Going to birthday and Christmas parties etc. requires a packing regimen and mobilization  that would impress Napoleon. Having family and friends going through the same process also helps.

So with all the changes I can say I wouldn’t change a thing. As Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) said, “it’s not the years, it’s the mileage”. We’ve had some great mileage in a short time I’m excited for the years/miles to come. That’s my take.


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