Halloween is Evil? C’mon Man

Two cousins, the boy dressed in military camou...

Two cousins, the boy dressed in military camouflage and the girl in a ballerina outfit, wait outside a door as they go trick-or-treating, October 31, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Halloween today and we’ll be getting the kids dressed up tonight and taking them trick or treating. We do so with the understanding that we’re Catholic and have no allegiance Pagans or the devil. I just had an interesting back and forth with a distant cousin in Puerto Rico that’s on some high-horse about Christians worshiping the devil if we celebrate Halloween.

Yes, Halloween began as a Pagan ritual and the church tells us not to celebrate it. But let’s cut the shit. Americans all across the country dress their kids in costumes and take them to get candy with no thought of the devil or feeling like we celebrate Paganism. It’s part of our culture in an innocent way. For those that don’t celebrate Halloween, no problem, you’ve done nothing wrong.

For the die-hards out there that think I’m a bad Christian, evil or that my family is celebrating the devil. A few things. First, F you. Second, feel free to “de-friend” me on Facebook or not associate with me or my family. Also, you may be surprised to learn that many symbols in our Christian culture are taken from Pagans; the Christmas tree, Easter bunny and eggs… So unless your life is void of those things, get over yourselves because you’re a hypocrite. Most of us celebrate Halloween because it’s a part of our American culture. Something that is fun for the kids and has no religious connection and certainly no evil connection. ¬†Its fun for the kids and that can’t be a bad thing. Also, don’t be surprised if you’re cleaning eggs off the car/house every year either. To all the folks, like me, that love God and Jesus but feel like Halloween is a fun thing for the kids with no evil attached, let’s have fun and take lots of pictures. That’s my take.


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6 Responses to Halloween is Evil? C’mon Man

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  2. John. Thanks for the comment, glad to see we’re on the same page.

  3. ioan17 says:

    You are in denial or lack of knowledge of POWER OF SATAN!
    Sorry but please read the SCRIPTURE with attention ,to see clear !The Halloween is apart of
    DEATH CULTURE which many Americans embraced and just now ,they reap what they saw.
    Respectfully and sincerely !

    • On the contrary. I’m well aware of the power of Satan and I do read the bible but realize that some of Satan’s work manifests in unwitting people using the word of the Lord inappropriately. As to the scripture, I read it and know it has great wisdom, and know that our modern-day knowledge surpasses the wisdom of the day. For example, I don’t feel it’s right to kill my neighbor for planting crops on Sunday (the Sabbath) as stated in Exodus. Also, i’d like to kiss my wife goodnight when she is menstruating but the bible tells me not to (Leviticus) otherwise I’ll be unclean. I read the scripture, love and respect God but can think for myself. Thank you.

      • ioan17 says:

        You are right on your examples, but in same time you are beside the point,deviating from the main idea that The Halloween is a celebration of darkness,is a pagan celebration ,is full of demonic and evil acts .Do not sub-estimate the power of darkness who is working today in rebellious and disobedient generation!We have to be Light and Salt continually and to condemn the work of darkness,not to assimilate them.Thanks for your answer!V.B.

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