Expecting A Boy

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So Jen and I recently learned that our fourth child will be our first boy. We’ve been blessed with three girls, a four and a half and twins that are a year and a half years old. We always wanted a family with multiple children but never thought we’d be parents of four kids, phew.

It’s a bit cliche now but when you’re expecting (your first or any child) you pray for 10 toes and fingers and general health. First Brinley, then the twins, Elise and Nora blessed our world. All healthy, precocious and just plain great in every sense of the word. But as a father I’ve been always focusing on the father-daughter connection. For example, I’ve read a small library of books on raising strong girls. For the first time I’m starting to think about the father-son connection and how it will be different from what we’ve been used to for the past four and a half years.

We’re excited on the new addition. Brinley, the oldest is anxious to meet her brother, though it’ll be several months yet. I’ve already ordered sports gear for him and recalling my and friends’ paternal relationships in preparation for his birth. It’ll be interesting to see the difference in raising a boy and how the dynamic of a new gender among the children impacts how they interact.

Until then I’m focusing on my girls, prepping as best I can and looking for a new baby lacrosse stick. That’s my take.

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