Here’s to 2013

new yearHappy New Year everybody. For me 2012 was pretty tough but we all survived. My lessons learned this past year:

  • Have faith. Discovery and new hope only comes after having the balls to set sail and lose sight of land.  I parted ways with work after a difficult situation (contractually, I can’t say more) and took the leap of finding new ways to support the family. Of course, having the help of family and friends made it possible.
  • The more time we spend with our kids the better it is for us and them. This is kind of “duh, no kidding” but I had to include it. Being a primary care-giver to my three kids was hard work to be sure but an experience I’ll never forget.
  • Amidst tragedy and difficult times, we’ve seen great acts of kindness. For example, the teachers that gave their lives trying to help the children being attacked in Newtown, CT. There are too many others to name here but this is a shining example.

So what’s in store with 2013? Only God knows so I won’t bother with trying resolutions or setting plans in stone. But I will look forward to a few items:

  • God willing my wife and I will welcome a newcomer to the family. We’re excited for our first boy! I’ve been focused on being a good father of girls, however, I have to read up on raising boys (though I have a little knowledge on the subject now).
  • Reconnect with those that matter, family and friends. Over the past year and a half I’ve lost a good friend and seen many people pass-on before their time. Yes, having children means having less time for fun, but we have to always make time for “date night” and being with friends, lest we lose ourselves.
  • See the world through my kids’ eyes. My four year-old is growing and asserting herself and it’ll be important to think of her perspective. This is important when, for example she’s whining about something and I want to tell her to zip it.
  • Look forward. I’m a pensive man, always thinking about situations.  However, based on my lessons learned in 2012, looking forward, not back is the best way to live life.

God only knows what’s in store for the future, so let’s enjoy the new year and say goodbye to 2012. That’s my take.

All The Best!

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