Our April Morning

MITFor the second time in my life, I’ve witnessed a tragic terrorist (Political agenda or no, indiscriminate killing is terrorism, either foreign or domestic) event from the lens of a city I love, and lived in for over five years, Boston. On September 11, 2001 I worked in a high-rise in downtown Boston. Patriots Day is one of my favorite local holidays. The holiday celebrates the battle of Lexington and Concord and is marked by historical re-enactments, the Boston Marathon and the annual Red Sox game at 11:00 am. It’s truly a day of celebration throughout the city. My favorite book as a child was April Morning by Howard Fast, telling a fictional depiction of a boy experiencing the beginning of the Revolutionary War and it has stuck in my mind since yesterday.

Yesterday, terrorists shattered this day with bombs, killing three and injuring many more. One of the dead is a boy, running to hug his father at the finish line. The boy’s sister and mother are alive but badly injured. I felt helpless and sad, seeing the stain of blood and hearing the statistics as the news reports came in. My immediate reaction was to call family/friends that live in Boston and everybody I know was fine. I debriefed with a friend since boyhood and that was also my roommate during the 9/11 attacks and still lives there. Just like 2001, we shared feelings of anger and sadness.

This is still new and we’re all still processing this. But what stands out are three things:

1) What gutless bastards did this? How long before we string them up? I have a hunch it will be soon.

2) The acts of heroism are still being heard. I take pride, through the tears that I write this blog, in how many people ran into the danger, rather than ran away from it. Joe Andruzzi, former New England Patriot is pictured carrying a girl to safety. The EMT’s, police, National Guard, first responders, average citizens that helped others without hesitation all are in my thoughts today along with those killed or injured. The scum that did this are a joke next to our heroes.

3) Whatever the intent, Boston is angry, not intimidated. Boston is as blue-collar a town there is. Will Middlebrooks, third-baseman for the Red Sox stated on Twitter “Wrong city to mess with… #Boston”. That’s my take. More to come on this.

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One Response to Our April Morning

  1. Seth says:

    I agree with everything you have said, 100%. We have gotten through worst, we have and will continue to get through this. Congrats on another kid. Best of luck.

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