NFL Hall of Fame-Inspiration

Football Hall of Fame in HDR

Football Hall of Fame in HDR (Photo credit: JW Ogden)

Every year I mark my calendar for many things (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) but one of the greatest every year is the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony. First because it marks the beginning of football season. But mostly because it is one of the most inspiring days of the year. Call me sentimental but it just is. It’s a culmination of great careers summed up in speeches with many points of inspiration and retrospective lessons in life. Whether it be seeing Emmitt Smith crediting “Moose” Johnson for his success (like thanking a big brother) with tears in his eyes or Shannon Sharpe describing how his grandmother provided for him and his brother in a rain-soaked shack and openly saying he was the second best football player in his family, paying homage to his brother Sterling Sharpe, who’s career was cut short by injury. These are “Oprah” moments (that I can’t stand on pre-game Sundays) but in this context is inspiration and lessons learned.

I drew on this inspiration over a year ago. When I was confronted with a serious life decision. After seeking advice from many trusted advisors, I came across a poem (The Man in the Mirror) quoted by Bill Parcells (I know he is an ass, but he deserves to be inducted and will be later this afternoon). After recalling that poem, I made a great leap of faith, that if not taken would have caused me to fail the “mirror test”. I hope anyone that reads this blog post draws equal inspiration from football, sports or anything else. I hope whatever it is helps instill character and self-reflection. For me, the HOF induction day is a great event, with a wealth of information and inspiration. That’s my take.

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