A Great Papi Moment

IMG_77158878291312_resizedSo it’s early September and it’s that time again. No not just football, but the time where children head back to school. In my and my wife’s case, our oldest is starting Kindergarten. Holy cow! Wasn’t she just born? Didn’t we just bring her back from the hospital the other day, going 25 miles per hour in the far right lane, white-knuckling the steering wheel? Unbelievable.

She is adjusting and still getting settled, just like her classmates. However, I look back on the last week and realize that escorting her to the bus for the first time was one of the happiest moments I’ve ever had. I’m sure its cliché but until you’ve experienced those cliché moments, you can’t truly appreciate them. I’m sure there will be more but this day will rank as a truly great day. That’s my take.

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