A New Year

Happy 2014 everyone.  Every new year I take time to reflect on the past year and think about planning for the new one.

2013 was bittersweet for my family and me. My wife was diagnosed with a serious heart condition on the day of my son’s birth. No small issue with a young mother of four and a husband with temporary employment. But with grit and support we ended the year in great shape and grateful to God, family and friends. I reinvented my career, my wife’s heart condition is vastly improved and aside from three daughters,  God has graced us with a son.  Some takeaways from 2013:
1) Have faith in yourself and your decisions. You have to envision the end result and fight for it, and ignore the doubts that creep up or people say.
2) Help others when you can (reminds me of the Van Zant song). I got help from many and look for ways to help others.
3) Look forward, not backward. Nobody accomplished anything by whining about the good old days (which weren’t all that good in reality). Always feel like the best is yet to come.

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