Personal Values (Life’s Guideposts):

  1. Follow the Golden Rule. Respect others and demand it from others.
  2. Familia viene primero (family comes first), “any man that doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man” Vito Corleone.
  3. Try and follow the Ten Commandments as best you can (nobody is perfect but we all must try)-I realize this is 10 more rules but they aren’t complicated.
  4. Follow the Code of Chivalry. Some would say this is outdated, but I say it’s needed now more than ever. As a father of three daughters, I pray they eventually find a partner that exhibits these traits.
  5. What would Papi do? (If number one through four fail, this one can’t go wrong)
  6. De todo un poco (everything in moderation) i.e. eat right during the week but when going to Fenway Park, skip the salad/veggies and indulge in hot dogs and a couple of beers.
  7. Put your name on what you say and therefore think before you speak, “let thy discontents be thy secrets…” Benjamin Franklin.
  8. Know the “down and distance” in life. This is a football metaphor for understanding the big picture: i.e. What is success and what steps are needed to achieve it?
  9. Envision what you want in life, it makes it much more possible.
  10. If you have to choose between character and skills, pick character because skills are easier to come by.

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