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The Comeback-Life’s Lessons

I got to bed at approximately 2:00 am this morning, not because the kids were up sick (though that did factor in) and not because of Insomnia or bed bugs. It was because I was so juiced-up over an unbelievable … Continue reading

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NFL Hall of Fame-Inspiration

Every year I mark my calendar for many things (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) but one of the greatest every year is the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony. First because it marks the beginning of football season. But mostly because it … Continue reading

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A Pirate Looks at 40

So I turned 41 years old at midnight. Wow! I’ve never cared much about aging and turning 40 was the same as 39 to me. I’m watching Jimmy Buffett sing “A Pirate Looks at 40” for the Boston Strong concert … Continue reading

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Evening Events

You would not think one of my kids just turned into the exorcist and projectile vomited a little over an hour ago. Now they’re spontaneously breaking into a yoga routine. Just goes to show moods can change quick with the … Continue reading

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