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The Comeback-Life’s Lessons

I got to bed at approximately 2:00 am this morning, not because the kids were up sick (though that did factor in) and not because of Insomnia or bed bugs. It was because I was so juiced-up over an unbelievable … Continue reading

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Our April Morning

For the second time in my life, I’ve witnessed a tragic terrorist (Political agenda or no, indiscriminate killing is terrorism, either foreign or domestic) event from the lens of a city I love, and lived in for over five years, … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Why Fall is A Great Season

It’s mid-September and the season I love is approaching. The Fall season has always been in my blood, due to it coinciding with playing football. But it’s great for other reasons too. Football-¬†Anyone who’s played football for any amount of … Continue reading

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My daughter’s 1st sparklers! Happy Fourth of July.

A great fourth of July.

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