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Watch “BatDad” on YouTube

I’m a budding Papi blogger but this guy is great. Continue reading

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A Family That Dines Together ???

I have to share. While eating together at dinner, the kids were getting into their usual mischief.  Nora was finishing her plate. Brinley somehow got some paper and pen and decided to draw a butt. While Elise decided to show … Continue reading

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A Great Papi Moment

So it’s early September and it’s that time again. No not just football, but the time where children head back to school. In my and my wife’s case, our oldest is starting Kindergarten. Holy cow! Wasn’t she just born? Didn’t … Continue reading

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Joy Cometh In The Morning

It’s been a long week and one with many tribulations (Boston Marathon bombers, neighbor’s personal tragedy, sickness, etc.). God can be angry with us but we know the night and anger passes and joy cometh in the morning. The Sun brings a new … Continue reading

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